WELDING WORKS products from shaped pipes.

Profile pipes are very often used for the manufacture and creation of various kinds of metal structures.
This is done for the reason that very reliable, durable and strong structures are obtained from them, regardless of their very complexity and the welding process. For a welder, working with this type of pipe is a very responsible and at the same time complex process; often a metal worker uses such types of welding as arc and gas welding when working.

Profile pipes – are a product of rolled metal, they have an internal cavity with a section of various shapes, often rectangular or square. They come in different sizes, it depends on indicators such as the length of the pipe itself, the thickness of its wall and other factors. The scope of application of pipes depends on these characteristics.

Metal structures will always be relevant and in demand in any product market. Profile pipes have recently begun to be welded very often than their plastic counterparts. All this is due to such factors:

Availability. Can be found at many metal warehouses.
Reliability. Metal is much stronger than wood or other materials.
Durability. Will last for more than a dozen years.
Easy installation. Subject to the experience of the welder, the pipes will not be difficult to weld.
Relative ease in comparison with all-metal products in the calculation of a running meter.
Resistance to deformation effects.

There are several types of profile pipes, which we are now happy to describe to you. Each species has its own characteristics.

Welding work

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